Raised Gardens. Flowering Bushes & Planting Vegetables

I've been blessed with a pretty big garden. Wonderfully secluded, tucked back in the corner of a one acre suburban Chicago lot. My father left me this garden. I never quite understood his love for gardening until he was gone and it was years overgrown. He caught on to the raised garden idea years before it's popularity, and built all kinds of useful structures which still stand. Here I'm experimenting with all kinds of new things daily, which I love to talk about.

So you've found my blog. It's about how one girl (thats me) gets by in the garden, with no help, little money and even less experience. I try to be organic, recycle and test methods to increase productivity in the midst of middle age, single motherhood, career mindedness, and maybe even a social life. As I write to you this evening, I honor my father with the beauty of this garden and the blog you're reading now.

This ones for you dad.


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