Soil Can Reduce Anxiety?

soil-is-good-for-you No doubt that gardening is GOOD FOR YOU! It makes us happy, supplies healthy doses of sunshine and fresh air, plus its good exercise. BUT here's some real scientific proof that gardening has concrete biological effects: reduced anxiety, potential to heal disease and can even make us smarter! Read More

Where to Buy Blueberry Plants with Paypal

A few people were wondering Where to Buy Blueberry Plants with Paypal? I found oneĀ  place to order blueberry plants for sale with paypal checkout. has a large assortment of blueberry plants for sale. You dont need to sign up for an account, but you do obviously need to fill out the address information […] Read More

Secrets to Great Soil

If I had to recommend only one book to start you off on improving garden soil, this one's it. Secrets to Great Soil by By Elizabeth Stell. This book is such a quick and interesting read with knowledge that will remain with you forever. Read More

Gnats on Houseplants

gnats on houseplants This year I started many new plants outdoors in the fall wanting to save the annuals as houseplants. Shortly thereafter, when I brought them inside, I had an infestation! Gnats on houseplants are disgusting, so this is what I did... Read More

Crimson King Maple Seeds: Part 3

crimson king maple tree seeds Early this spring, I found a ton of crimson king maple tree seedlings sprouting all over the front yard. I dug them up and planned on raising some beautiful Crimson King Maple trees. The 40 that I collected had a great start but over the course of the summer, only 4 made it. No good. Here's what I learned from my effort. Read More

Types of Bonsai Trees

azalea bonsai After looking through all the different types of bonsai trees, I think I've gone bonsai crazy. It's highly addictive, especially at the end of the season. Read More

Organic Weed Control

organic-weed-control-step-3-mulch For organic weed control, you don't have to go much farther than your garbage can. Collect two ridiculously available free materials and say goodbye to weeds forever. Read More

Healthy Soil Fertility

soil test kit results - compost Fall is time to test your soil for macronutrients, but other sources say compost is all you need... So I wanted to know the truth, just how fertile is compost? Could soil, rich in organic matter, still be missing something? Read More

First Bonsai Tree

First Bonsai Tree - Cotoneaster Apiculatus: After Im so excited about my first bonsai tree. I have NO prior bonsai experience, just did a little research and gave it a shot. You can do this too! Read More

Compost Bin Designs

Homemade Compost Bin Homemade compost bin designs are plentiful. Whether it be big, small, simple, fancy, wood, metal - someone out there has made one. But no matter which design you choose, in essence you want something that looks good and does its job. Read More

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