How to Make a Rain Barrel

how to make a rain barrel Water conservation is an important aspect of gardening. The video states that average households use 40% of water in the yard. Learn how to capture rain for garden irrigation. Not only does a rain barrel hooked up to a drip system looks like an excellent low cost method, it looks easy too. I feel a new project coming on. Read More

Build a Compost Pile

How to Make a Compost Pile Isnt it ironic that we'd trash or burn yard refuse, then in the same stroke, run to the store and buy bags of compost for the garden? Funny, seeing that its the same material. With an overall conscious effort to recycle, people are getting smarter. Read More

Pruning Spirea

Pruning Spirea is probably one of the EASIEST things to do. In fact you cant really go wrong. I scored two Bridal Wreath Spirea shrubs from a neighbor. Being old bushes, getting them to budge was incredibly difficult. The job was a mess. Luckily Spirea is one tough shrub. Read More

Three Easy Soil Tests

what is soil made of? soil jar test Wondering what is your soil made of? Different types of soil include sand, clay and silt. Try the 'jar test' and two other soil tests to determined what is your soil made of. Read More

Plant Sale

plant-sale Friday and Saturday, I had my first ever Plant Sale! My neighbor offered me space in her driveway to enrich her garage sale, so I did no marketing, put up no signs and depended on her traffic alone. Let me first say, it was a blast! Read More

Weeping Willow Tree. A Mighty Fast Grower.

weeping-willow-tree As a child one of my favorite trees in the yard was the weeping willow tree. Unique and graceful, the drooping branches within arms reach were enough to stimulate a young imagination. Though I never did succeed at swinging like tarzan on them, it was a fun tree. Read More

Tomato Plant Progress

tomato-plants-5-05-10 The tomato plants are growing like crazy! And I have more than I know what to do with. Learning by trial and error, there are some mistake from last year that I wont make again. Read More

Hoop House Gardening

hoop-house-finished I finally finished my little hoop house for the vegetable garden row, and if you're not too handy, don't let it scare you... this was really easy to build. I cant imagine how something like this retails for $490. Read More

Plant Propagation by Ground Layering

red-twig-dogwood-layered-branch Ground layering is an easy method of plant propagation. It happens all the time in nature, when a branch touches the ground and grabs on, starting its own root system. Take our Red Twig Dogwood, for instance. Years of neglect has supported a ton of new, untamed growth. Read More

Crimson King Maple Tree Pt 2

Its just two weeks after the discovery of my little Crimson King Maple seedlings growing all over the front yard, and I've already learned new things. It's true that they don't all come true from seed, actually just a fraction of the seeds will produce a tree with deep read color. Luckily they're quick to produce that color. Read More

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