Crimson King Maple Tree Seeds

crimson-king-maple-tree If you have any maple trees in your yard you're sure to have noticed, and even cursed the "helicopter" seeds. They fall all over the place threatening to grow trees where they land, as if we didn't have enough to weed. It wasn't until last year, when I started learning about tree and shrub propagation that I started looking more closely at our majestic deep red Crimson King Maple Tree. Read More

Seed Germination & Growing Indoors

growing-indoors-with-grow-lights Growing indoors, what a joy, especially in February and March when Chicago winters drag on and on. I have to admit, I'm a chronic mister. Its sort of an addiction... Even if you can't spend all day hovering over your seedlings, there are few tips to keep them thriving. Read More

When to Start Vegetable Seeds

vegetable seed starter chart Spring is coming and I am excited. Starting vegetable seeds has more to do with temperature than anything else, so follow these seed starting charts for awesome vegetables in your garden this year... Read More

Japanese Red Maple Trees from Seed

Japanese Red Maple Japanese Red Maple Trees are strikingly beautiful, easy to grow and valuable. Read (and watch) how to grow them step by step from seed, learning how to collect, store, stratify and sow. Read More

Daisies Galore!

The daisies are back! Daisies are easy to grow with barely any maintenance at all, and theyre true attention seekers. I've gotten so many compliments on them. A simple, beautiful touch for an informal dinner table. Read More

Garden Pests: Deer

we have deer. lots of em. To keep them out of my veggies, i built an aframe style trellis to hold a plastic barrier. Read More

Garden Trellis Video

A Garden Trellis is a great way to create a shady hideaway just about anywhere. Watch this great video from Garden Time, if you'd love to know how to build your own garden trellis. Read More

How to Build a Fire Pit that Rocks!

fire pit My firepit is the pride of my garden area. I've been chillin by this fire, escaping the outside world for 2 years now and Ive learned to start fires even when its soggy. The project only took a couple days and even though its not perfect, I think its beautiful. Read More

Spring Garden Flower Arrangement

Daffodils This early spring beauty is my absolute favorite. Started from a package of bulbs purchased at the hardware store, they’re in their 2nd year.  I moved them to make room for more vegetables and just kinda stuck ’em all over the place. …even dug ’em up and potted a few, after they bloomed. I […] Read More

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