Bonsai Plant Care – The Basics

Aug. 21, 2011

The popularity of bonsai plant care has spread all around the world and throughout the U.S. Bonsai is in essence an awesome miniature version of what you’d find in nature, grown in cool bonsai pots. You can replicate single trees, mountains, forests or whatever unique scenes you can come up with, Certain plants need a lot of care to thrive, while others are quite simple. Some bonsai plants can flower, fruit, change color with the season or be ever green. Before giving your life over to your first bonsai plant, consider how much time you’re willing to trade and choose accordingly.

These adorable minis are usually started from seed or cuttings. Bonsai seeds can be purchased, and clippings can be taken from your plants, neighbors plants or even from garden trade forums. I like to purchase bonsai plants either online or through the garden center. One gallon plants make for really great bonsai!

Depending on the growth rate of the particular plant, you may need to repot your bonsai plant several times throughout its life. I LOVE buying bonsai pots of all shapes and colors, so I’d be quick constantly move plants around. But its important to wait until your little plant outgrows the pot to move him. Try to find a pot you love as a part of your bonsai plan.

Bonsai pots are typically small and shallow and dry out quicker than you could imagine, so a good watering schedule is important. A pot or dish with holes and a tray is ideal for good drainage. Letting your plants sit in water is a sure way promote root rot or fungus. A pot with drainage isn’t totally necessary if you have your watering schedule mastered. I’ve had quite a few successful runs with bonsai in whatever cool dish i had around the house. As a rule of thumb, most plants like moist but not soggy. Make sure all the roots are getting water without drowning your plant. Also, many indoor plants like to come close to drying out before watering again. As always, do the research on the particular type of bonsai tree youd like to grow.

Location is also important for the health of your plant. Before you decide on which bonsai plant to grow, think of where this guys gonna go. Is it a high light location? Outdoor Shade? Indoor Shade? Then choose the variety depending on where it will enjoy living. It can be hard to provide an indoor plant with as much light as it needs, so make sure to do some research before you choose. I find that ficus are pretty hardy no matter where you put them (just not in the winter cold!)

Pruning is real fun of bonsai plant care. There are some great pruning tools out there made specifically for bonsai artists. You’ll need good pruners, bonsai wire, a way to cut the wire and needle nose pliers to twist the wire closed. It might be fun to buy fancy tools, but Ive done it with simple tools I have here with much success starting out. As your interest in bonsai plant care grows (it can easily become an addiction), you can move up to more expensive tools.

From experience, it’s easy to kill plants when you have to many. Start with one bonsai. Research your specific plant and master the art of bonsai plant care. When you have one plant mastered, try another!

Where to Buy Awesome Bonsai Plant Care Items

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