Detox Smoothie Recipe for Beginners… a no brainer

A while back, my craving for a green smoothie prompted a trip to walmart to buy the first cheap smoothie blender I saw. Luckily, the blender worked out just fine, however… my first smoothies did not. I made sludge. No matter what I threw in this thing, it came out disgusting. So i was in […] Read More

Smoothie Detox. Cheap blenders to get the job done (real cheap)

Whats the best way to get healthy? Start a vegetable garden. Whats the best way to eat them veggies? Green Smoothies! ¬†How can we get healthier faster? Smoothie Detox! Smoothies allow you to DRINK your vegetables, like 15 servings at a time. Thats crazy! you say, it might just be crazy enough to work… I […] Read More