Hydrangea Bouquets

Hydrangeas make a wonderful cut flower for wedding bouquets and floral arrangements because they're breathtakingly beautiful and a multitude of varieties provide a choice of shapes and colors. Hydrangeas bouquets can last quite a while if the stems are kept long and receive immediate water so the cut flower stems need to be prepared accordingly. Read More

Growing Orchids – How to Grow Orchids

Orchids are able to live in all sorts of circumstances – from the rain forest to the arctic circle. You would think since they are so adaptable to almost every environment, they would be able to survive with no problem in homes and gardens. With selection from the 30,000 species of orchids now identified and […] Read More

Crocus. First Blooms of the Year.

It always surprises me when the crocus flowers, surrounded by drab sleeping plants and a thick layer of leaf mulch, they pop out so quickly with bright sprays of yellow and purple. Though theyre a tiny plant and fade almost as quickly as they came, this is a plant I wouldnt get rid of. Its a wonderful reminder that summer will be here shortly. Read More

Daisies Galore!

The daisies are back! Daisies are easy to grow with barely any maintenance at all, and theyre true attention seekers. I've gotten so many compliments on them. A simple, beautiful touch for an informal dinner table. Read More

Spring Garden Flower Arrangement

Daffodils This early spring beauty is my absolute favorite. Started from a package of bulbs purchased at the hardware store, they’re in their 2nd year.  I moved them to make room for more vegetables and just kinda stuck ’em all over the place. …even dug ’em up and potted a few, after they bloomed. I […] Read More