Building a Cold Frame

If you've started indoors from seed, you might be feeling as CROWDED as I am this time of year. Been planning on building a cold frame since winter, and now its time to work things out. It'll be nice to to give the plants room to breathe! Read More

Steps of Seed Germination

February and the promise of spring overexcites me, longing for an END to the dreary winter. My mistake has always been starting too soon, and starting too many seeds in one tray - creating a big mess and a lot of dead plants. But I've come to the conclusion that there are only 2 real questions to answer... 'How', and most importantly 'When'? Read More

Crimson King Maple Seeds: Part 3

Early this spring, I found a ton of crimson king maple tree seedlings sprouting all over the front yard. I dug them up and planned on raising some beautiful Crimson King Maple trees. The 40 that I collected had a great start but over the course of the summer, only 4 made it. No good. Here's what I learned from my effort. Read More

Weeping Willow Tree. A Mighty Fast Grower.

As a child one of my favorite trees in the yard was the weeping willow tree. Unique and graceful, the drooping branches within arms reach were enough to stimulate a young imagination. Though I never did succeed at swinging like tarzan on them, it was a fun tree. Read More

Tomato Plant Progress

The tomato plants are growing like crazy! And I have more than I know what to do with. Learning by trial and error, there are some mistake from last year that I wont make again. Read More

Plant Propagation by Ground Layering

Ground layering is an easy method of plant propagation. It happens all the time in nature, when a branch touches the ground and grabs on, starting its own root system. Take our Red Twig Dogwood, for instance. Years of neglect has supported a ton of new, untamed growth. Read More