Detox Smoothie Recipe for Beginners… a no brainer

A while back, my craving for a green smoothie prompted a trip to walmart to buy the first cheap smoothie blender I saw. Luckily, the blender worked out just fine, however… my first smoothies did not. I made sludge. No matter what I threw in this thing, it came out disgusting. So i was in […] Read More

Growing Basil Indoors – $3 dollar herb garden

August is my FAVORITE time to go shopping for plants. Much better than spring, you find such great deals! Often, they go straight into the ‘plant hospital’ where they’re nursed back to health. Sometimes, just enough of the plant is alive to do some bonsai magic. This time, I got lucky, everything was half off […] Read More

Cheap Smoothie Blender. Cheap Blenders that Actually Work.

Last week I was looking for a cheap blender to start a smoothie detox. I did a bunch of research but was in such a rush to drink a smoothie, I said screw it and ran to Walmart. Call me lazy or impatient, but Im really loving this blender – for the right price… cheap! […] Read More

Fall Garden Vegetables. New season, new garden.

Well, summer is wrapping up. It went fast, didnt it? Fortunately, its not over yet for us gardeners. August 1st is a good marker to start the fall garden vegetables. There are a ton of cold weather vegetables hardy enough to withstand frost and keep you eating healthy into the winter. Germination and early growth […] Read More

Winter Gardening. Cold Weather Vegetables you should start Now!

Winter Gardening? whats THAT? I was totally intrigued the first time I heard the term. Certainly you cannot do that here. Winters are COLD in Chicago, much too cold to grow anything… but IS it? Did you know that some cold weather vegetables will grow in as little as 26 degrees. right? If you’re as […] Read More

Back to Eden Gardening

Couple weeks ago I stumbled over a movie called “Back to Eden“. The movie was long but interesting enough to pause and leave open in my browser for 3 days. It took a few bible quotes to ‘get it’ that the method was based on Gods and/or natures ‘way’. duh… but what really sold me […] Read More

Steps of Seed Germination

February and the promise of spring overexcites me, longing for an END to the dreary winter. My mistake has always been starting too soon, and starting too many seeds in one tray - creating a big mess and a lot of dead plants. But I've come to the conclusion that there are only 2 real questions to answer... 'How', and most importantly 'When'? Read More

Tomato Plant Progress

The tomato plants are growing like crazy! And I have more than I know what to do with. Learning by trial and error, there are some mistake from last year that I wont make again. Read More

Hoop House Gardening

I finally finished my little hoop house for the vegetable garden row, and if you're not too handy, don't let it scare you... this was really easy to build. I cant imagine how something like this retails for $490. Read More

Seed Germination & Growing Indoors

Growing indoors, what a joy, especially in February and March when Chicago winters drag on and on. I have to admit, I'm a chronic mister. Its sort of an addiction... Even if you can't spend all day hovering over your seedlings, there are few tips to keep them thriving. Read More