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How to Make Good Garden Soil

Its no secret, good soil grows good plants. You know it, I know it, but the experts in the horticultural trades are learning more… Agriculturists and nurserymen are discovering soil secrets to grow healthy, gargantuan plants that cut fertilizer costs to a minimum. Good soil is all it takes. And you can GROW good garden […] Read More

Soil Can Reduce Anxiety?

No doubt that gardening is GOOD FOR YOU! It makes us happy, supplies healthy doses of sunshine and fresh air, plus its good exercise. BUT here's some real scientific proof that gardening has concrete biological effects: reduced anxiety, potential to heal disease and can even make us smarter! Read More

Secrets to Great Soil

If I had to recommend only one book to start you off on improving garden soil, this one's it. Secrets to Great Soil by By Elizabeth Stell. This book is such a quick and interesting read with knowledge that will remain with you forever. Read More

Healthy Soil Fertility

Fall is time to test your soil for macronutrients, but other sources say compost is all you need... So I wanted to know the truth, just how fertile is compost? Could soil, rich in organic matter, still be missing something? Read More

Compost Bin Designs

Homemade compost bin designs are plentiful. Whether it be big, small, simple, fancy, wood, metal - someone out there has made one. But no matter which design you choose, in essence you want something that looks good and does its job. Read More

Build a Compost Pile

Isnt it ironic that we'd trash or burn yard refuse, then in the same stroke, run to the store and buy bags of compost for the garden? Funny, seeing that its the same material. With an overall conscious effort to recycle, people are getting smarter. Read More

Three Easy Soil Tests

Wondering what is your soil made of? Different types of soil include sand, clay and silt. Try the 'jar test' and two other soil tests to determined what is your soil made of. Read More