Winter Planter Boxes

Winter Planter Boxesare beautiful and easier to do than you'd think. This year, instead of leaving a bunch of empty pots on the patio, I converted them ALL to winter planter boxes. What a difference it made. Dull and drab became festive and fab! And it didnt take very long. And when that was done, we used the left overs to fill my window box. Now, Winters not so bad when I look out my window! Read More

How to Make a Rain Barrel

Water conservation is an important aspect of gardening. The video states that average households use 40% of water in the yard. Learn how to capture rain for garden irrigation. Not only does a rain barrel hooked up to a drip system looks like an excellent low cost method, it looks easy too. I feel a new project coming on. Read More

Garden Trellis Video

A Garden Trellis is a great way to create a shady hideaway just about anywhere. Watch this great video from Garden Time, if you'd love to know how to build your own garden trellis. Read More