Cheap Smoothie Blender. Cheap Blenders that Actually Work.

Aug. 2, 2013

Last week I was looking for a cheap blender to start a smoothie detox. I did a bunch of research but was in such a rush to drink a smoothie, I said screw it and ran to Walmart. Call me lazy or impatient, but Im really loving this blender – for the right price… cheap! at $29.99 in the store this little Black and Decker was absolutely going home with me.


cheap smoothie blender

I ended up with the Black and Decker BL2020s model. Its a 10 speed blender with a smoothie button right on the machine. It has 550 watts of power, higher than most other blenders and plows through ice easily. Im kinda glad I didnt check the Walmart reviews I probably would have passed right by this one. Seems like a lot of people ended up with bum models that broke after the first couple of uses. but for $4 extra bucks in the store, I bought the replacement plan.

There is one little quirk when making green smoothies and Im not sure if its this machine or every machine. On the first try, I threw the greens in first. The blades didnt really touch it for a while. My heart sank thinking this wouldnt cut it, but finally it grabbed the greens and blended them right up. Now I add water with the greens and around they go.

Im so happy with this blender and green smoothies in general. Even my 18 year old drinks them with me every day.

There is one other blender that looked pretty good. The Hamilton Beach Power Elite. I only mention it because its a 700 watt machine and got better reviews.

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  1. […] while back, my craving for a green smoothie prompted a trip to walmart to buy the first cheap smoothie blender I saw. Luckily, the blender worked out just fine, however… my first smoothies did […]

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