Garden Pests: Deer

Jun. 24, 2009

& a Nice Tomato Cage.

The deer are back. Eating my hard earned tomato plants. The only 3 plants that lived from my first try at starting seeds. They were just getting big too. *sigh* the tomatoes will live, but I know better… from experience.

Things that Deer Like (to name a few)


deer eaten bean plants


deer eaten beets


deer eaten hosta


deer eaten begonia

I’ve had one on one conversations with the more courageous deer. They just don’t understand the concept of ‘mine’.

The vegetables wont be subject to this debauchery anymore, so a cover or a fence is in the works… as for the other plants in the garden, you COULD choose only deer resistant plants, but there are some things we love that deer love too, like roses.

So here’s what to do if you have hungry animals roaming your estate. Its a very inexpensive, somewhat reliable method to deter deer from eating everything in sight.

You’ll need

  • 1 cheese grater from the dollar store
  • a couple bars of deoderant soap, the smellier the better.

Deer make their trails early in the season, so as soon as you see tracks get out there and disrupt their path. I walk around the perimeter of the garden grating soap along the way, concentrating on areas where they enter the yard. Then I grate around and between the individual plants. Some plants can withstand grated soap, others burn up in the sun if you put it right on top of the plant. For tender plants, I mix insecticidal soap in a spray bottle and spray them down really well. Its double protection from deer and bugs!

My theory is that regular dish soap would work just as well…  here’s why, if someone sprayed dish soap on your breakfast you wouldnt eat it either… It does work, but you have to remember to keep doing it, especially after the rain. I only had to do it 4 times this year and they stayed away.

ok, that out of the way… back to the tomatoes.

So this morning i found some trellis netting and did this…

yeah, even I laughed at it. that just wont do. It looks really stupid and probably wont do much to keep the deer out. Its time to think it through…

I concocted a trellis/frame to grow tomatoes in, that will keep the deer from their midnight snacking on my garden.

thats the idea…
time to go build…

ok, what do you think of this? Covered in plastic at night so nothing gets in.

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