How to Build a Fire Pit that Rocks!

Jun. 19, 2009

How to: Build a Fire Pit.

fire pit

My firepit is the pride of my garden area. I’ve been chillin by this fire, escaping the outside world for 2 years now and Ive learned to start fires even when its soggy. (boy im proud when my fires beat out the rain. 🙂

What I did:

First I cleared the area of sod and weeds, and dug a hole about a foot deep. Then I encircled the hole with brick to contain it. Retaining wall bricks and regular brick.

Hand laid stone-in-concrete surrounds the bricks, so instead of just grass, id have a place to walk, sit, poke at my fire. I measured the height of my stones and made sure that when it was set, that it would be level with my bricks. Then, I staked in 6″ strips of plywood to create a half-circle frame and mixed up the concrete. Id estimate that I used 6 or 7 bags. Pouring the concrete in sections at a time, I layed various sized cobblestones (3″-6″) into the wet concrete, then with a 2×4 and a mallet, banged them level into place.

The project only took a couple days and though its not perfect and very messy in this photograph, I think its beautiful and I built it with my own two hands. After a couple years, some of the stones have come out, some of the bricks have disintegrated and there are a few cracks in the concrete. I’ve been told ‘it adds character’. Needless to say, its held up well and I’ll be enjoying my firepit for years to come. Keep in mind, I have no previous experience mixing concrete, so if you think you’d like to take on a project like this, go for it! With a little creativity, you’ll surprise yourself with what you can pull off.

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5 Responses to “How to Build a Fire Pit that Rocks!”

  1. Kathy Felts says:


    This totally rocks…. What a wonderful way to get great feed back and other interesting ideas on what does and does not work… I am gonna have to keep an eye on your yard….

    I wish you the best of luck here.

    Kathy :~)

  2. Pre-made fire pits are the most common form of fire pits and can be purchased from a store “

  3. i always make fire pits specially when we are out in the woods making some camp fire ..,

    • Trisha says:

      that guy’s AWESOME Steve, my son watches him all the time. I always wonder how I would start a fire without newspaper and a lighter. He got it going with a little piece of nest! thats like seconds to get the kindling going, and you only have one chance… forget it if everything is wet! good video, thanks for sharing.

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