How to Make a Rain Barrel

Sep. 5, 2010

How to Make a Rain Barrel: video by HGTV.

Water conservation is an important aspect of gardening. The video states that average households use 40% of water in the yard. Learn how to capture rain for garden irrigation. Not only does a rain barrel hooked up to a drip system looks like an excellent low cost method, it looks easy too. I feel a new project coming on. To save money, I wouldnt shop for rain barrels at lowes, Id shop on craigslist.


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5 Responses to “How to Make a Rain Barrel”

  1. Veronique says:

    I definitely need a rain barrel for my school garden because the tap is too far from it. How could I collect rain water if the school building is far from the garden?

  2. Trisha says:


    Look for rainbarrels with open tops (with screens) This way you wouldnt need a gutter. Maybe something like this

  3. Veronique says:

    thanks Trisha, this is a good idea the screen will filter dead leaves and I hope deter mosquitoes. Here in the tropical zone we can have swarms of it.

    • Trisha says:

      yes, it looks like standard screen material, like you would by for your windows. Since they dont get into the house, they should keep the mosquitoes out if fastened tightly. Best of luck! Im excited for you and the kids. What fun projects you can do!

  4. Sandy Beach says:

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