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Mantis Tiller
My Mantis Tiller Review

I FINALLY bought one! After tons of research on small garden rototillers, the Mantis Tiller received 5 star ratings across the board. I am not disappointed. I could NOT find this on craigslist, and I looked all summer… So it was time to open my wallet and invest a little in my garden (and my back!) Plus, I wanted that 5 year warranty that cant be bought on craigslist.

Easy to assemble and not terribly difficult to get started the first time. But im really impressed with how powerful it is for a small engine tiller. It doesn’t break new ground, but I didnt expect it to… our soil is so heavy and compact, not even the old 5hp craftsman can break through it. A little predigging that first time to loosen the soil  and it was good to go. It does bounce back now and again, mostly when you hit big rocks in the earth, or if you run into the wood in your bed. Nothing uncontrollable.

What I like the BEST about the Mantis Tiller –  it’s super lightweight and easy to use.  I can pick it up and carry it away and doesnt drag me around behind it like a bigger machine does. Amending our soil is so much easier… sheesh, when I think of the way I used to do it.  Now just throw some compost in and mix away… Plus I use it almost daily in my compost bins. We’ll have amazing soil for years to come.

Videos below show the Mantis Tiller in action.

Here’s the 2-stroke. Its doing a great job starting out the season. See how it bounces when he starts it up? It does happen sometimes, though its advisable not to hold the throttle when you’re starting your machine.

You can see the 2-Cycle Honda-Powered Mantis Tiller at

Here’s the 4-stroke starting up effortlessly, with a honda motor:

Im assuming that’s true. The 2-cycle wasnt difficult, but it didnt start cold on the first pull.
You can also see the 4-Cycle Honda-Powered Mantis Tiller at

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Although I chose the gas powered tiller because my garden is about 150 feet from electricity, there is one other Mantis model worth mentioning. The electric powered tiller looks promising, seemingly able to break through tough soil. This post on led me to look into the electric tiller.

* Posted by vegan1 on Sat, Sep 9, 06 at 18:41
Year and a half ago I started planning a big garden project with lots of clay soil. Don’t like the smell or noise of gas powered machines. I also only weigh about 110lb. Got the electric Mantis. It has been truly amazing. I tilled the clay, adding hundreds of pounds of Gardener and Bloome compost. I then planted about 130 trees and shrubs. In addition to all the tilling it was great for digging the big planting holes. I had it going on average 6-7 hours per day for about 15 days. It came with a free edger, which I use to ease the sod removal process. I also got the dethatching and aerating attachements. They are surprisingly efficient. I also got these two little things you put over the axle to address the issue of weeds wraping around the axle. Used with and without. They really helped. I clean it well after each use and each spring you are to add lithium grease to the transmission. Takes a couple of minutes. I have no experience with the Stihl, but would not hesitate to recommend the electric Mantis.

The Mantis Electric Tiller is also available at

Have you bought a Mantis Tiller, tell us what you think of it in the comments below.

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