Spring Garden Flower Arrangement

Apr. 27, 2009


This early spring beauty is my absolute favorite. Started from a package of bulbs purchased at the hardware store, they’re in their 2nd year.  I moved them to make room for more vegetables and just kinda stuck ’em all over the place.

Pink and White Spring Daffodils, in a pot

…even dug ’em up and potted a few, after they bloomed. I was pleased at how hardy daffodils are, wasn’t even an issue.

This variety with salmon pink trumpets is especially pretty.

flower arrangement daffodils

Daffodils are so gorgeous as cut flowers. Here’s my first flower arrangement of the season. My mother said it was so perfect, they didnt even look real. not sure if that was a compliment.

1st flower arrangement, 2nd edition :)

A neighbor gave us a gift of yellow daffodils and tulips. I thought it was a great addition the the first arrangement.

daffodil flower arrangement

a second attempt at a decent photograph.  a new camera is on my list!

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