Types of Bonsai Trees

Oct. 5, 2010

After looking through all the different types of bonsai trees, I think I’ve gone bonsai crazy. It’s highly addictive, especially at the end of the season. Plant sales are plenty and most garden tasks are complete. The more I look, the more types of bonsai trees I want to try. It seems that if its woody, you can bonsai it, and the choices are endless! Here are some of the more popular types of bonsai trees:

Azalea Bonsai

azalea bonsai

Photos from Dea-Certe.com’s photo stream
Azalea Bonsai are gorgeous in bloom and a mighty popular type of bonsai tree, but requires some knowledge. Azaleas are picky about their conditions. They dont like it too cold, nor too hot, and direct sunlight can fade their flowers. I just bought one at the local Home Depot that is not hardy enough for our cold Chicago winters. SO! Do your homework and pick the right variety.

Boxwood Bonsai Tree

boxwood bonsai tree
Photos from Cliff1066’s photo stream
Boxwood Bonsai trees are ideal for bonsai applications, super compact and adorable. Boxwood leaves are small and attractive as bonsai. Though its a relatively tough plant, protect it from too much hot sun and harsh cold winds. Boxwood Bonsai trees are slow growers, maybe too slow growing to be a satisfying bonsai.

Flowering Crab Apple Tree

bonsai flowering crab apple tree
Flowering Crab Apple Trees make great bonsai for year round interest. Gorgeous fragrant flowers in the spring and colorful crab apples in the fall. A sun loving tree needing good air flow, adequate water and some frost protection.

My Bonsai Collection.

I cant believe its only been a week since I created my first bonsai tree. By now ive got quite a collection of different types of bonsai trees just from the stuff I had here. Im looking forward in the coming months (years!) learning bonsai plant care.

Hughes Juniper Bonsai

hughes juniper bonsai
My second attempt at bonsai was a 3 gallon Huges Juniper that I picked up for 5 bucks! Juniper seems the more common bonsai tree though it was a little more difficult to work with than the Cotoneaster Personally, I think this one is a little goofy looking, though this time I tried twisting the branches for added trunk interest in its future years. Junipers are easy to grow and provide year round evergreen attraction. Cold hardy to zone 4. Likes full sun or shade and requires little water. Protect from harsh winter winds.

Goldlace Juniper Bonsai

goldlace juniper bonsai
Goldlace Juniper Bonsai in a homemade wooden box. Much more compact than the Hughes Juniper, the Goldlace Juniper was much easier to manage. I only wired in one spot cuz it was doing pretty well on its own.

Weeping Willow Bonsai

weeping willow bonsai
Though it might take a while for this Weeping Willow Bonsai to actually look good, willows are very fast growers, keeping a prune happy bonsai fanatic entertained for months. This is a cutting from spring, so its still a baby in its first year.

Graceful flowing movement makes for a very nice bonsai. For the first few years, willows may need to be repotted often due to its fast growing nature and are said to grow upward as bonsai trees. I left this one to grow on its own for a little while seeing that the wood is still extremely pliable. And since I did a lot of damage digging this little guy out, its probably a good idea to leave him alone for a while. Over on the right is what a good looking weeping willow bonsai looks like. Of course that’s with 10 years of training by a skilled pro.

If you have a collection of all different types of bonsai trees, add your comment and link us to your photos! Id love to see them.

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10 Responses to “Types of Bonsai Trees”

  1. Linette Poer says:

    My sister hooked me on bonsai and ever since I’ve been preoccupied with educating myself about them.

    • Trisha says:

      its addictive, isnt it? everything I see now, I want to bonsai! 😀

    • Coco says:

      Cultivating bonsai is not soeihtmng one would do in any kind of a hurry. My advice is to go buy a book translated into English, written by a Japanese master. Then read it carefully. I have grown bonsai for over 40 years the key word is patience.There are two main ways to start:1. From a seed (requiring many years to get anywhere with it).2. From a plant taken from nature (putting it aside for about two yearsand giving it loving care just to make sure it survives).Of course, nowadays, you can simply buy one! But you have to know what to do with it!In any case, care and attention are mandatory. All the information about when to cut off the leaves (to get smaller ones and thus enhance the illusion ) and when to cut away excess roots (to be able to grown the plant in a tiny container) and how to bend the branches etc. is far too complex to write about here.A good book is a must. Believe me.Oh, yeah, what’s a could plant to start with? My choice would beany of the box trees : Any of several small evergreen trees and shrubs, with small, leathery leaves. Some species are used as hedging plants and for shaping into garden ornaments. (Genus Buxus, family Buxaceae.Being an evergreen, you will have leaves all year round.

  2. Joshua says:

    Bosai is an addiction?(I can’t stop!!!). Every tree is looking like a bonsai.
    I have gotten everybody I no into it and the one’s that aren’t I’m driving
    crazzy(my wife).

    • Trisha says:

      Haha, Joshua! Somebody should have warned you! Wait til you have your pruners strapped to you at all times! Bonsai is even a cool way to save those somewhat boring plants that might otherwise throw away… I have a spirea thats kind of ‘eh’… until it blooms… for about 2 weeks. You know its headed for a bonsai pot, especially after I saw this (their progression series is pretty cool)

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  4. Mojtaba says:

    It’s very nice! if you have any document about this subject, please send to my e-mail address.
    thanks and regard.
    Hooshyar Mojtaba.

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  6. Esther A Schouten says:

    Can you please help me identify a bonzai tree that I purchased over 3 years ago. I’m trying to determine the best way to care for it. The leaves are getting brown at the edges and then the leaves slowly fade from dark shiney green to yellow and then falls from the tree. HELP please. I can send you a picture of the leaves and the actual tree if it would help.

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